Would you like to join Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs ?

Would you like to join Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Programs?

Acute care which refers to healthcare services for short-term aims is given to give patients the needed stabilizing care during medical emergencies such as immediate illnesses and accidents. Acute care nurse practitioner programs have been divided into two specialized categories—adult and pediatric and acute care nurse practitioner mostly work in rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, birthing centers, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare services.


Acute care nurse practitioner programs are aimed to train people  to minimize the possibilities or levels of patient various complications from acute illness. They are also responsible to evaluate risks, stabilize incidents of acute accidents and illness, advocate for patients, treat acute problems and improve a treatment plan to maintain long-term health, and use reliable knowledge in their medical practice.

Acute care nurse practitioners will need to finish a master science degree of acute care nurse practitioner programs. Candidates who have master’s degrees in nursing may pursue another program to get a post-master’s certificate. If the  candidates are interested to finish its terminal degree in order to become managers, aspiring leaders, and other professionals, there is a doctor degree for nursing practice (DNP) which has been the new gold-standard for acute care service. Most of practicing acute care nurse practicioners already have master’s degrees and also the national certifications, including those received from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), and other institutions such as the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

Some steps for joining acute care nurse practitioner programs

Here are some steps to follow if you want to become an acute care nurse practicioner in two subdisciplines : pediatric and adult gerontology, along with its accreditations, certifications, and sample programs for every field.  Here is a possible way to become an acute care nurse practiciner:

  1. Graduate from high school. The candidates mostly have good performances in secondary school science classes like chemistry, biology, physiology & anatomy, and also statistics. At this level, students may be requested to do volunteer work in medical places to get more exposure and get good letters of recommendation .
  2. Get a bachelor degree of science in nursing, or a related degree (about 4 years). There are various academic paths to be an acute care nurse practicioner. Some people choose associate degree programs for two years and also work for a couple of years before registering to competitive RN-to-DNP programs.
  3. Be an registered nurse (RN) and also get working experience in acute care about one until three  years. As part of bachelor degree programs in nursing, they will receive clinical instruction and also take NCLEX-RN test for registered nurse.
  4. Get a graduate degree for acute care about two or three years. After having at least a single year of experience in acute care settings, registered nurses mostly continue to study at a graduate program in a chosen specialty because there are various acute care programs available.

In order to be accepted in a graduate program, you should probably prepare these following documents :

  • curriculum vitae
  • Official transcripts from undergraduate program
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support  certification
  • One or two pages of  personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation which can be  from professors, or clinical supervisors and others
  • Interview
  • Proof of registered nurse (RN)

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