What Does A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Do

What Does A Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Do

Common people maybe a little bit confused to understand the specific role of pediatric nurse practitioner. Actually, what does a pediatric nurse practitioner do? A pediatric nurse practitioner is a healthcare provider who gives high-quality care to children with the range age between from birth up to the age of 21.

In general, a pediatric nurse practitioner has to be able to handle various tracks such as health care clinics and physician offices, promote health, educate families on care plans and also help to prevent diseases. They also have some specific services for children such as developmental screenings, childhood immunizations, school physicals, treatment of common illnesses and medication prescriptions.

In working, they work with pediatricians and other healthcare providers in hospital and physicians offices. However, some of them often work independently, without supervision and even provide home care services. They also may plan a home visit and be involved in related research and have a role in affecting public policy.  In addition, pediatric nurse practitioners may choose to work in a pediatric subspecialty, based on their interests and expertise. For example, neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, orthopedic and infectious disease.

What does a pediatric nurse practitioner do to improve their skill? A pediatric nurse practitioner should possess some soft skills such as ingenious, intelligent, problem solving, analysis, and of course compassionate. They also have to be empathetic and emotionally stable. Other specific skills they have to possess are an art of distraction, communication skill, and chat up a kid easily. To improve their skill, both soft skill and basic skill like all nurse practitioners, some conferences, seminars, and symposiums should be taken.

Specific training for a pediatric nurse practitioner is also provided to improve their quality and expertise. In additional, which is very important, pediatric nurse practitioner should seek certification through the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCP). PNCB offers two Pediatric Nurse Practitioner certifications. They are Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Primary Care (CPNP-PC) and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Acute Care (CPNP – AC). Finally, they may join in NAPNAP (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners). By reaching these requirements, they will be able to gain access to online to continue education courses. ( read : degree of nurse practitioners ).

What does a pediatric nurse practitioner do to deal with kids in a medical setting? The best thing they always do is just get down to kids’ level. Making kids less nervous is the important key. Thus, to communicate and deal with them, they often squat to keep eye contact with kids. In addition, when the parents enter the room with the child, pediatric nurse practitioner should get the child first to keep the kid feeling in the loop.

What does a pediatric nurse practitioner do to arrange or plan a home visit for infant and kids? Pediatric nurse practitioner home visit supports the development of the infant, especially for high-risk infant and caregivers. PNP home visit helps to reduce infant mortality by collaborating with caregivers about the infant needs based on birth weight, gender, risk, and breastfeeding. PNP also provides comprehensive home health care for children from birth to the age 18. Services given are medically based, such as chronic care conditions, and developmental therapy.

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