University With The Best Nurse Practitioner Programs

Universities with the Best Nurse Practitioner Programs around the Globe. These recent years United Nation has been reported to be the nation with extreme demands of nurses. This phenomenon is not only happened in USA, high demand of nurse is happening all around the world. This shortage could be a prospective career overview for some college’s students. Being a nurse is a lucrative career option, it is reported by Bureau of Labor Statistic that average nurse salary was $ 104,740 in 2015.


Rather than just being a common nurse, becoming a practitioner nurse who commits to dedicate your life by giving extra care to family based services will be a great choice. If you have been working as nurse in a medical unit and have super tight working schedule, enroll in online best nurse practitioner programs could be the way out.

There are numerous universities with nurse practitioner programs, choosing best nurse practitioner programs for you may take some considerations. There is a survey conducted by Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA about online best nurse practitioner programs all around the globe. The assessment is based on academic reputation/ academic achievement, financial aid offerings, overall tuition fee and post-college job market.

The school of nursing in University of Washington is ranked to be the best nurse practitioner programs. This university commits to provide best nursing program on the country. It takes three years to complete nurse practitioner program, and takes longer for students with specialization program such as Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist or Adult Gerontology Acute Care.

John Hopkins University is chosen on the second place. You need two years for completing nurse practitioner program in this university. There is no specialization program available so far. In order to graduate from this school, you have to take at least 39 credit hours with 1000 clinical hours and the capstone project for program completion.

The next university with best nurse practitioner programs is University of Pennsylvania. This Penn school of nursing has been worldwide acknowledged as one of the best healthcare industry with expert nurses. It takes around three years to complete this nurse practitioner program with rigorous schedule. But it is worth to try since this school 100 percent employment rate at time of graduation.

The University of Maryland- Baltimore has been providing professional nurses for more than a century. This school of nursing is ranked as national top ten best nurse schools. This school offers various specialization programs such as Nurse Anesthesia, FNP, AGPCNP, PMHNP and more.

The next two universities with best nurse practitioner programs are University California San Francisco and Duke University. All of those schools have been renewed their nursing program in order to provides best Master’s Science of Nursing (MSN) who are ready on the job market; serve as professional nurse with comparable tasks to doctors. The last two universities with best nurse practitioner programs are Columbia University and New York University, these two reputable universities also develop nurse practitioner programs. Each of them have specialization fields for DNP or nurse practitioner programs.

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