Top Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding School to Consider

Top Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding School to Consider

Online programs for medical billing and coding offer a comprehensive introduction to all essential things, including practices and tools in the industry. The curriculum of these programs also cover some subjects like medical statistics, healthcare data laws and ethics, pharmacology, billing and reimbursement procedures for healthcare services, and other various coding systems.


Before searching the top accredited online medical billing and coding school, it is important to note that these online medical billing and coding programs provide a flexible classroom-based course. The students will be able to access lectures, participate in virtual discussion forums, take exams, submit the assignments, and even have dialogue and communication with their professors. Thus, it is possible for students to study anywhere, even away from their home computer by using their gadgets. Medical Billing & Coding Professional

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are a lot of careers in medical billing and coding that are obtainable with a high school diploma or equivalent. Therefore, those with an associate degree will be guaranteed to be well-positioned in the wide range of job markets. While, the Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT) and Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR), which are the professional certifications in this field, have to earn a license in some states. However, some employers might require the employee to earn the certificate regardless of the state regulations.

It is a truly personal decision to choose a program. But, make sure to evaluate the school properly, whether the strength of the school’s target meets your educational need or not. The list of the top accredited online medical billing and coding school below will be a helpful reference to search for the best online medical billing and coding degree programs. Make sure to learn more about their requirements and offerings. Career Outlook For Medical Coding And Billing Jobs

List of Top Accredited Online Medical Billing and Coding School

  1. Herzing University

The programs that Herzing University offers include diploma and associate’s degrees in insurance billing and coding. These programs are designed to prepare their students and candidates to be professional billers and coders in some healthcare places such as hospitals, nursing, and residential care facilities, and also doctor’s offices. The curriculum of these programs emphasizes a strong understanding of medical terminology, insurance claims, insurance processing, health information management, and healthcare systems and ethics. Students have to accomplish an internship, research, and other projects during the course of study.

  1. Kaplan University

Kaplan University is also considered to be on the list of top accredited online medical billing and coding school. It offers an online medical billing and coding certificate that is designed to provide the basic skills for the job seekers who are technically minded and suited to this field. The course works they will be involved in are coding and terminology, medical office management, anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology, insurance billing, and data information processing. With the potential for additional certification, once they get the professional experience, the students are allowed to earn several specialty certifications after graduation. Kaplan University offers numerous start dates for these programs throughout the year.

  1. Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy allows the students to choose whether they want to earn a diploma degree or associate’s degree in medical billing and coding. In diploma program, they must complete 52 weeks study, while the associate’s program needs 17 months to complete. The course work in this program integrates medical basics and the healthcare claim cycle and stimulation in billing and coding applications. This academy holds specialized accreditation by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education schools. It is also a member of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities and the National Healthcare Association. Therefore, Ultimate Medical Academy is reliable to be on the list of the top accredited online medical billing and coding school.

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