Top 5 Things Thankful For In My Career As A Nurse Practitioner

Top 5 Things I Am Thankful For In My Career As A Nurse Practitioner

Limitless Career Opportunities

I began my career In family clinic but decided I liked treating more acute patients. So, I moved on to working in urgent care and the emergency area where I’ve chosen to establish myself. Just like me, many other nurse professionals have found their location in specialty clinic. Working as an NP you can operate in almost any specialty from neurology or oncology to cardiology or dermatology. Take your choice! And, if you do not like it, then you can change directions in your career effortlessly. Nurse Career And Apply Nursing School

Excellent Salary

I like my job however earning a fantastic amount of money while I do this is not so bad either! With the average nurse practitioner salary at over $90,000 annually, many nurse practitioners are earning well into the six-figure salary range. Not bad at all.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Positions available for nurse practitioners Come in all shapes and sizes. Wish to work just a couple of 12-hour shifts weekly? Want to work just weekends so as to accommodate a household? No problem! There’s a job for you. As for me, I am not a 5-day-a-week employee. I favor working fewer shifts and making up for the fewer number of hours by operating a much better paying job with an unconventional program. Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test Online

Expanding Job Market

The News is full of a gloomy outlook on our current economy. Fortunately, the nurse practitioner profession is one of those few fields projected to expand during the next few decades. As a result of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans will eventually become insured. A greater quantity of patients that are insured and also an interest in saving health care dollars creates an superb job marketplace for NP’

Our Job is Never Boring

Nurse practitioners interact with different types patients All day long. Trust me, You’ll Never get bored having conversations With people from all walks of life over a dialy basis. Not only do we Have the privilege of influencing patient’s lives, we also have to do cool stuff. How many of your non-NP buddies have sutured scalp lacerations That stretch to the skull drained a giant, horrible abscess.  How Hard Is Nurse Practitioner School

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