Ralph Macchio, Blockbuster Actor who married Phyllis Fierro the Nurse Practitioner

Ralph Macchio, Blockbuster Actor who married Phyllis Fierro the Nurse Practitioner

Who does not know Ralph Macchio? He is very popular due to his role in Karate Kid Film in 1984. Even though there is a new remade Karate Kid Movie played by Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith, the feel of Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita still clearly left in those who watched the original Karate Kid movie. So, if I told you that Ralph Macchio is married to Phyllis Fierro the Nurse Practitioner, would you believe it? Then before I told you the answer, let us know the biography of Ralph Macchio who the media told that he is married to Phyllis Fierro the Nurse practitioner.


Ralph Macchio was born at New York on 4th of November 56 six years ago. His father is named also Ralph Macchio and his mother is Rosalie Macchio. At the early years of his life, he never understood any acting career or performance career. Rather than doing something extreme like a real boy at that age, Ralph begins to learn how to dance and take dance course. At his childhood, Ralph is known to be the gentle and calm man in his social life, playing with the animal and wildlife, dancing in his school and etc. It seems during his childhood, ralph Macchio was not looked like a future blockbuster movie

Acting Career

Ralph was well known for his role as Daniel DeRusso in the Karate Kid movie, partnered with Pat Morita. Before his career is known by most people in the world, he actually portrayed several television series characters and one of them is Eight is Enough by the ABC series. After gaining fames from the series, he is being contracted in the Drama Film in 1983 with the title The Outsider. From this film, ralph gained more fame and scouted by the director of the Karate Kid. Then, partnered with Pat Morita, he portrayed Daniel DeRusso in the Karate Kid and reprised his role in the Karate Kid part II in 1986.

Personal Life

Ralph Macchio is married to his childhood friends, Phyllis Fierro the nurse practitioner, in 1897. He is being introduced to Phyllis when he is still a teenager. Now, he has 2 kids, namely Julia and Daniel. At first, Macchio was not believed that he and Fierro will be married, since they both is a best friend since a teenager. However, it was fate who tied them up, and also fate that made them a happy family with 2 kids and lasts until now

Well, now it is answered the question above. Yes, Ralph Macchio is married to his best childhood friend, Phyllis Fierro the nurse practitioner. Not only Macchio has a successful career and remembered as a legend in a movie industry, he also lives a happy life with Phyllis Fierro and his 2 children. Up until now, he still portrayed several characters either in film or television series. Let us all hope that Ralph Macchio still be given a chance to made the entertainment in film industry become great again and have a long happy life with his family.

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