Medical Assistant vs Medical Billing and Coding

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Medical Assistant vs Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is quite different from medical assisting. While medical assistants perform many diverse tasks in a health care environment, coding and billing experts are exclusively responsible for correctly communicating patient medical documents, ensuring accuracy of information, also using coded information to create statements for patients and insurance companies. Billing and coding specialists are necessary in every type of healthcare environment, from physicians’ offices to large hospitals. This period of training is comparable to that of healthcare assistants. There are not any requirements for certification for this position, but many employers prefer applicants that are Licensed Medical Reimbursement Experts. The average salary of a medical billing and coding specialist is around $32,350 per year, a little higher compared to that of medical assistants. However, within this scope, the wages can achieve as low as $22,000 a year. Right now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates medical coding and billing to have a growth of approximately 21%. This expansion is substantially lower compared to that of medical assisting, meaning that there’ll be fewer open positions. Furthermore, increasing numbers of healthcare centers are opting to outsource coding and billing tasks. If this trend continues to grow, it may have a detrimental influence on the career area.

Medical Assistant vs. Physician’s Assistant

The names of medical assistants and physician’s assistants may seem as the tasks are extremely similar, however there are vast differences between the two careers. While clinical assistants work under the direction of a physician, a physician’s assistant may frequently work independently and may even be primary care providers in a clinic where the doctor works part-time. Physician’s assistants provide patient assessments and treatment, prescribe drugs, order laboratory tests, and a lot more. This improved responsibility requires broader training. Doctor’s assistants need to earn at least a master’s degree to practice. As with most career fields, more schooling equals more cover. Physician’s assistants earn an average of $86,410 a year, plus benefits. This is substantially greater than that of a health assistant. The job outlooks of both professions are very similar. Both disciplines are expected to see at least a 30% growth over coming years. So why would anyone pick the livelihood of medical assistant over that of doctor’s assistant? There are some definite disadvantages to this PA career field. The extensive time and cash investment required to earn a master’s level make this career irrational for most. Additionally, the additional responsibilities of physician’s assistants make this career a wonderful deal more stressful than this of medical helper.

Medical Assistant vs. Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician is another step from veterinary assistant. In addition to other veterinary office duties, vet techs perform diagnoses and treatment of animals under the supervision of a certified veterinarian. To be able to enter this field, candidates need to have no less than a two-year associate’s level, which makes the training much more intensive compared to that of a health assistant. In addition, while medical assistants typically enjoy regular daytime hours, veterinarian techs may be asked to work some hours, such as weekends. However, the predicted project outlook for this profession is a bit better, with a predicted growth rate of 52 percent. So, even though it entails longer training and a decrease wages, job prospects will be considerably higher.

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