How To Become an Occupational Therapist

We Achieved for advice from licensed OT, Sarah Tucker, who’s the OTA Program Director for Brown Mackie College at Birmingham, AL and also a board member of her state certification board. She said”the first step is always to become on your high education and graduate from a licensed OT school” Upon passing the NBCOT, you’ll want to submit an application for licensure within your country .” To get a better understanding of each step, we broke each one into more detail below.

Develop a Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree

successful occupational therapy assistant (OTA). You just have to generate an associate’s level if you’re planning on remaining an occupational therapy assistant. If you anticipate continuing your education, you will want to attend licensed programs during your livelihood as a way to become licensed. To get an associate’s degree, one has to complete a two-year program at a community college or technical school. Students who concentrate on health and biology at high school, those who volunteer in many different O-T settings such as hospitals settings or rehabilitation centers, usually get a better chance of getting to an OTA program.

After earning an associate’s degree and getting an occupational Therapy helper, you must get into a bachelor’s level or joint bachelor/master’s degree program. Based upon the requirements of your grad school and certification board, then you may need to earn a bachelor’s degree in a specific area. As an instance, some graduate schools require you to earn a diploma in mathematics, while some may require occupational therapy. But a bachelor’s degree in an area such as in psychology, sociology, or liberal arts can be commonly accepted. While earning your bachelor’s degree it’s crucial that you know that which prerequisite courses you will need to perform in order to enter a master’s program. It’s also advisable to do volunteer work, which helps to prepare one to your position, and is also valuable when signing up to master apps.

Earn a Master’s Degree

In the last most states just required one to Get a mentor’s Amount to be a licensed OT, however in 2007 all nations (except Colorado) began requiring a master’s level. At the time of 2013, Colorado is still in the process of creating regulations to require licensure. However, as Colorado is just a deregulated condition through former Governor Dick Lamm, chances are Registration, maybe not licensure, will soon be all that’s required for a long time ahead. Also remember that Colorado does not want occupational therapy assistants to enroll with the condition at this time.

An master’s level must be earned from an accredited university or College. Once they’ve earned a master’s level, students may either apply to licensure or continue their education by pursuing a doctoral degree. By this moment, no states or territories take a doctoral degree to clinic.

Master’s plans typically contain classroom function combined with Field work. Fieldwork is normally completed in hospitals, private homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and practices, under the direct supervision of an occupational therapist. Students are encouraged to carry out their own field work in a variety of settings throughout their master’s program to help them decide where they fit best within the area. Watch our complete list of all Occupational Therapy Schools

Pass on the NBCOT exam

Maintaining and passing the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapy exam is a necessary step toward becoming a licensed occupational therapist. Once you have passed this exam, you can make an application for licensure in your nation. In the event you fail the exam, you must wait patiently forty-five days to retake it. The charge to take the test is $540 for the paper use and $500 to your online application. Some states require a score report (that costs an additional $40) or confirmation notice ($45 per note ), therefore make certain that you check with your state licensing board to ensure that you satisfy all conditions when searching for licensure.

Employ Licensure

Obtaining licensure will be different state to state. Most states require An application charge, the submission of all official transcripts, a background check, and the submission of NBCOT results. Many times there is a waiting period between the time you submit a completed application together with requirements met until you receive your license and are able to practice. See our full list of OT Licensing Boards in the USA
Their education in order to keep their licensure. The Amount of Alabama requires fifteen continuing education hours, even while Iowa requires thirty. Continuing instruction. It’s also significant to renew your permit on time. Late renewals may cause a penalty fee or postponed renewal. See Our Chart of Licensing Requirements for each Condition To determine just how many continuing education hours that you require, how much the Application costs, where you can send the application, and that the contact Man for the country board is.

Occupational Therapist Education and Training

Becoming a master’s Level and is required by an occupational therapist licensing. Before you proceed after your master’s, you’ll earn a bachelor’s level, probably in a related field. Your coursework must include physiology and chemistry courses.

Many master’s tracks will call for one and academic coursework or two quarters of fieldwork.

You’ll study subjects such as these:

  • Functional anatomy
  • Neurobiology
  • Kinesiology
  • Foundations of occupational therapy
  • Theoretical concepts and practice areas
  • Occupation through the life span
  • Therapeutic communication skills

In addition to intensive fieldwork, which will Provide you hands-on Expertise in the sorts of places you will finally work, you can even experience.

Occupational Therapist Licensing and Certification

Accreditation is voluntary, but shows you to really be serious about your own area. The board’s mission is”to provide a world class conventional” to your area.

NBCOT certification permits therapists to utilize the title of Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR). Additionally you will take continuing education classes to maintain your certificate over time.

All countries need occupational therapists to become licensed. To Earn your permit, you are going to need a level from an accredited program along with your NBCOT certification. Check their state you plan to work in for additional prices and requirements.

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