How To Become A Nurse Practitioner Without A Nursing Degree

How To Become A Nurse Practitioner Without A Nursing Degree with Accelerated Nursing Degree Programs

In a couple of years, some professions such as a teacher, accountant or architect are able to be a nurse with the right accelerated program.  Changing career is a choice that some people might do. If the next career is going to be nursing people should understand and learn about how to become a nurse practitioner without a nursing degree.

Responding to this propensity, some nursing schools around in certain countries explore the alternative ways to increase their student capacities. One of the innovative approaches to the nursing education is to formulate the accelerated degree programs for non-nursing graduates.

The programs are offered at the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree levels to build on the previous learning experiences of the students and provide the easy track for being nurse practitioners.

For those who have been questioning how to become a nurse practitioner without a nursing degree, it is a great opportunity. Their plans can be realized by taking the accelerated degree options to make support the career transition.  The programs of accelerated nursing degree let the professionals from a variety backgrounds (non-nursing) earn a degree in nursing in just a couple of years.

In taking the accelerated nursing degree programs, the candidates who want to turn their profession into nursing will spend around a year and a half or even faster than that to get their accelerated bachelor’s degree. These alternative programs enable those who want to be a nursing practitioner to pursue the more practical and faster track. Without these programs, they might spend more than two years for getting their Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

Each university or nursing school might require some different requirements for the candidates of the programs. They also might release some different specific programs with a variety of time range. But in general, these 2 basics of accelerated nursing degree program are similar;

  • Accelerated bachelor’s degree program provides the fastest track or route to licensure those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline. The license they get is same with the registered nurses have.
  • The fast-track bachelor’s degree programs need 11 to 18 months to accomplish. While the master’s degree programs take about 3 years to accomplish.

How to become a nurse practitioner without a nursing degree if you are in limited financial? There are some supporting accelerated programs that are offered by some universities and institutions in several countries. Many institutions are partnering with some universities or schools and offering tuition repayment to some highly qualified graduates for the mechanism in recruiting the best nurses.

Some employers such as hospitals and health care system are now encouraged to establish partnerships with schools and offer some accelerated programs supports to reduce students’ financial burdens. The governments are also encouraged to increase the scholarships for the programs in order to increase the population of entry-level nurses faster than the other programs.

Considering these big opportunities those who already planned about the career transition in nursing, should start seeking some valid information about the scholarships that might be provided by the legislators on the state and federal levels.

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