Fitzgerald Nurse Practitioner Review Book

Fitzgerald Nurse Practitioner review book

 When studying for the nurse practitioner certification exam, many students like the DIY method.  For some people, attending a review course is a great help but when it comes down to it, they are responsible for learning the material and buckling down on their own.  Fortunately, they can read a few excellent resources which are available for Nurse Practitioner students who want to take the national certification exam.


The best book is the book that gives a lot of practice questions. And it is recommended  to start studying at least 3 months before the test and completely answer about thirty practice questions every night.  When the answer for a question is incorrect, take time to learn more and try to understand the material behind some difficult questions before you go on.

One of the best book available on the market is a book which is written by fitzgerald. There are a lot of good  fitzgerald nurse practitioner review you can read in the internet. You can go and you will find extensive readers’ testimonies concerning the book. Most of the readers give five stars for this book and they have some reasons why fitzgerald nurse practitioner review gives very good score. If you want to buy this book, here are some points to consider. ( read : BLS Nurse Practitioners Career )

The first is that the questions are put at the beginning of every section and they are followed by the answers. For some people, they preffer to have the answers at the last part of the chapter so that they can not cheat. The second one is that although the writer clearly says that the generic and also trade names of a lot of drugs are found on the AANP exams, this book seemingly holds not true in this text. Most of the questions which are listed both the generic and trade name of a drug.

The third one is the tables. The most of the tables are straightforward and also concise. However, some of the tables  are cluttered by not important information and hard enough to follow, such as about Treatment of Sinusitis. The fourth one is eventhough it is very comprehensive but it is still lacking.

The last one “which is which?” e. The name of the book is Certification Examination and Practice Preparation; however,  it is bettere if the difference in the material is also eluded to in it. For example,  to know the equiopotency of corticosteroids is good for practice; however,  would this be on the real exam? Maybe practice preparation material can be labeled as such and the the future candidates will not feel overwhelmed with needless information.

Beside those things to improve, this fitzgerald nurse practitioner review still recognize that the book is actually far superior compared to the other text books available on the market. I recommend to buy it for exam preparation for about at least six weeks preparation (two hours study per day). It also can be used as study tool but it must be intensely studied. I also hope that everyone who joins the AANP and ANCC exams will  get the best of luck. Please, study hard and don’t make this test supress you. Good luck!

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