Doctor of Nursing Practice Salary for the Last Few Years

Doctor of Nursing Practice Salary for the Last Few Years

To give a description about Doctor of Nursing Practice salary, it is important to know and understand about nursing in general salary. Nursing has been one of the best careers in some countries for years. In general, it is one of the highest paying and respected jobs. The nursing field consists of various tracks and it has a variety of different chances, opportunities, and salaries.

Those who want to pursue their career and earn a higher salary than the other nursing specialties, holding a Doctor of Nursing Practice is one of the best options.  It can be assumed that the DNP in highest level position can earn about $135.000 per year, which is more than those in a similar position with a master’s degree. According to, those who can earn that high salary are the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners.

Further, to know about Doctor of Nursing Practice salary specifically, it is important to understand the variety of positions with a DNP. Other than that, there are some factors that influence the average salary of those who work with a DNP degree. The factors include how long their experience, the area of specialization, geographical location and the employer.  Thus, it can be concluded that those who have the highest levels of education also will earn the highest salary.

To earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice, students must hold a master’s degree in the nursing field. Otherwise, they must have a bachelor’s degree with the qualification to reach a DNP program. Students can enter a variety of positions with DNP and there are some DNP jobs with the highest salary. Here are 3 jobs with the top Doctor of Nursing Practice salary available today.

Positions of DNP with the Top Salary

  1. Nurse Researcher

Unlike the Ph.D., the DNP degree is used to enter a practical position. On the other hand, Ph.D. is used to enter the research fields.   The roles of nurse researcher include accumulating data and taking parts in some issues related to health.  Then, they work for developing some specific programs, activities, and initiatives that support the policy of increasing public or private health.  The percentage of DNP workforce for the last few years is 1.3 percent. Furthermore, the projected job growth by 2020 in this specialty is 26 percent. The average salary is around $95,000.

  1. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The psychiatric nurse practitioner works hand-to-hand with the psychiatrist to help in diagnosing and treating patients. They also work to assist in education and general advice to patients and their families. Some of the might run private practices, hospitals, and mental health facilities. The percentage of DNP in this job is 2 percent with the average salary is $95.000

  1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

The highest Doctor of Nursing Practice salary can be earned by the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. In working, they have a role in assisting the process of administering anesthesia to patients in surgical procedures and other. The specific job descriptions of this role include monitoring the patients, performing other tasks as required, and setting up the IVs. For years, this job has been the most popular in the medical field with the projected growth by 2020 is 26 percent and the average salary earned is $135,000.

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