Certified Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Samples

Certified Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Samples. There are many Ways you can write a letter to See an Company of your intention to depart from your task being a CNA. Resignation letters have to be composed honestly with much tact since they have been the own ticket outside of a company. Lots of men and women feel that providing detail at a resignation letter isn’t vital. But should you provide some detail that you get a fantastic likelihood to be known and discharged in the duties without many troubles.

Contain limited advice  purpose to depart, a note span, reason for making and a few niceties about enough period which you have spent from the environment might be the only real information you have to offer. Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description for Resume

For accredited nursing assistants Trying to Find a resignation letter sample, then These may be utilized for reference:

Certified Nursing Assistant Resignation Letter Samples

June 11, 2014

Ms. Olivia Logan
Nursing Manager
Sarosota Point Rehabilitation Center
901 Central Avenue
Belcourt, ND 72910


Dear Ms. Logan:

This letter serves to inform you about my decision to resign from my position as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Sarosota Point Rehabilitation Center effective from July 10, 2014. I have accepted another position at a local hospital and will need to report for work in the second week of July.

I want to thank you the entire staff of Sarosota Point Rehabilitation Center for the support that I have been provided with during the two years that I have worked here. I had the fortune to work with the best nursing team in Belcourt and I am truly appreciative of that. I began working as an inexperienced nursing assistant but I am leaving as a learned one for which I must thank my supervisors who trusted me enough to provide me with this opportunity.

The decision to leave was not easy and I was only able to make this decision after much contemplation. I have learnt most of what I know here and will take good memories with me. I understand that as part of my nursing contract, I need to train my replacement before I leave. Please let me know how you would like me to go about this. I assure you that I will handle the training process diligently along with any other tasks that I need to take into account as part of the leaving process.

I wish Sarosota Point Rehabilitation Center’s amazing nursing team all the best for all future endeavors.


Sincere regards,

Sasha Ally
Certified Nursing Assistant
Employee No: 602147

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