Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description for Resume

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description for Resume. Their job requires one to handle the personal and medical care of patients. To be qualified to act as a certified nursing assistant, you’ve got to simply take a certification exam; several healthcare businesses additionally offer CNA certificate programs.

Medication, administer IVs and assist patients by helping them into dressing and toileting. Additionally they take blood and urine samples from patients and also must get results on doctorsâ$™ orders.

Yet another Significant Part a CNAs project would be to Deal with some House Keeping Tasks like changing patientsâ$™ bedrooms and collecting laundry. All Certified nursing assistants are needed to become trained in the CPR and First-aid since they Must Deal with crisis situations rather frequently in Their job. After you prepare your resume to the Job of a CNA, be sure Sure you understand exactly what this project is about. This listing Of responsibilities should enable you.

Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description for Resume

  • Confer with doctors and other members of the nursing staff to understand patients’ medical conditions
  • Take patients’ vitals such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature and ensure that all information is recorded in logs for reference purposes
  • Ensure that patients are given oral medication by following medical care plans
  • Administer IVs to patients as instructed in the medical plan
  • Observe patients for changes in physical and mental conditions and make appropriate reports
  •  Make sure that any significant changes in patients’ conditions are communicated to the doctor on immediate basis.
  • Administer First Aid and CPR in case of emergencies
  •  Administer enemas, douches and ice packs on patients under direction of doctors
  • Take urine and blood samples and send them to laboratory for testing purposes
  • Call for laboratory tests results in a bid to complete patients’ paperwork
  • Assist patients with their grooming, toileting and bathing needs
  • Transport patients from rooms to therapy facilities, examination rooms and surgical units
  • Make patients’ beds on a regular basis and ensure that soiled linen is sent to the laundry immediately
  • Record patients and families’ concerns and ensure that doctors are aware of these
  • Provide patient education in a bid to assist them understand procedures, diseases and medications
  • Ensure that patients are provided with proper meals which are in sync with their health plans

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